Features of MusicEase Professional

The professional version includes all the standard version features plus additionally:

  • Durations from double dotted whole to 64th note.
  • Square, diamond, triangle, pyramid, half circle, cone and X notehead shapes.
  • MIDI files can be imported into MusicEase.
  • Pieces can be scaled down to 20% of their normal sizes. Individual staves in a system can be scaled to different sizes. Cast off and justify take this scaling into account.
  • Individual staves within a system can be scaled larger or smaller than the other staves within the system.
  • Additional symbols.
  • Fingered tremelos.
  • Invisible staves are supported. During MIDI playback, only visible staves are played. This also allows part extraction as when saving, you can specify that only visible staves will be saved.
  • Any piece can be quickly converted to a "shape note" piece as is found in Sacred Harp and other "Southern" songbooks. Seven shapes are available. The shapes associated with scale degrees can be customized.
  • Running heads (headers and footers).
  • Overlays are provided which allow things like the creation of long wavy, jagged, dashed and solid lines often used for tremelos, shakes, 8VA and so forth.
  • System dividers can be inserted between systems.
  • Normal (round) notes can also be displayed as cue notes.
  • Staves can have headings (instrument names) to their left.
  • Measure numbers can be automatically added or deleted.
  • Multiple measure rests.
  • Phrase marks.
  • Wedges (hairpins).
  • Up to 30 verses.
  • Keystroke record macros.
  • Up to 4 independent voices per staff.
  • Users can define new symbols.

MusicEase Professional also includes support for creating new hymns that can be imported into the Christian Virtual Hymnal 15K and then easily displayed/printed in a number of different ways — e.g., as a chord chart, rhythm chart, with verses re-arranged or deleted, with either mixed single and double stemming, or using only single stemmed notation, etc. New choral works created with MusicEase Professional can also be imported into the Christian Virtual Hymnal 15K.